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Struggling to take your business and leadership skills to the next level? Feel like you've hit a plateau in your professional growth journey?

With decades of experience, Edison has published bestselling guides sharing hard-won wisdom on strategy, branding, digital transformation, and more. His books provide concrete frameworks and actionable advice to equip today's changemakers with the latest business know-how.

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Pricing Strategy to Help You Win in Business

Learn how to build a pricing strategy that works. Understand different pricing models and strategies, and how to communicate your price to your customers. Understand the Psychology of your customer.

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Inversion. The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You

Discover the art of inversion with Edison Ade.

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Dive into the world of inversion thinking that powered the minds of Darwin, Einstein, and Disney.

Explore case studies, fascinating stories, and step-by-step techniques to harness the power of inversion.